goldfishHow does Yoga and Art Therapy work?
In general, yoga practice combined with art making can afford you greater relaxation, enhanced breath capacity, improved self-awareness and greater capacity for insight. In yoga and art therapy one can begin to release restrictions and find greater control. When principles of alignment, flexibility, strength and creative self-expression are applied thoughtfully the capacity for change, growth and healing is limitless.

What is a Yoga and Art Therapy session like?
A typical session is structured by creating a focus particular to the individual. Yoga asana or sequences are practiced, engaging areas of the body that open and strengthen the intended focus. Yoga is used to strengthen areas of weakness and bring flexibility to areas that are tight or stiff.  A brief meditation may come next, in order to tap into inner resources. Next, the process of creating art gives expression to the wisdom of the intuitive self. Finally, discussion of the session brings the experience back to an outer focus where it can be integrated and assimilated into self-awareness.

What are the advantages of using Yoga and Art Therapy techniques together?
Perhaps yoga and art work so well together because both practicing yoga and making art can create a flow state. The flow state is similar to the “no-mind” state found in meditation or being “in the zone” while playing sports. In this state the ego (along with its incessant judging) takes a break and allows your intuitive self to act. The wisdom of your natural creativity is found in the process; connections are made, clarity is enhanced, and new perspectives gained.

Additionally, yoga and art are both experience-based rather than intellectually-based. Your mind can convince you of many things, but your body and creative intuition know the truth. We find that emotions are stored in the body. By doing yoga, a person can access deep emotions and by then creating art, one can find a means of expression on a fundamental level. These tools are protective as well; while the mind can cycle repetitively through trauma, our physical and intuitive selves only present what the person is ready to deal with.

Finally, both Yoga and Art Therapy work with the powerful influence of metaphor. Your body manifests the issues in your life through the language of metaphor. Creating art accesses your natural creativity, which uses color, line and image to speak in the language of metaphor as well.

How can yoga and art therapy benefit me?
As a result of yoga and art therapy treatment you may:
• enjoy a natural form of self expression, even when there are no words for what you are experiencing
• heal trauma, depression, anxiety, grief and other challenges or conflicts
• find the ability to make positive lifestyle changes
• learn to negotiate life’s transitions
• recognize and eliminate the obstacles to your joy and freedom
• experience a full range of feelings and possibilities
• develop flexibility and strength of mind, body and spirit
• bring balance to your body, your attitude and your moods
• work with metaphor to access your intuitive, authentic self who knows exactly what you need
• gain insight into your physical, emotional and spiritual self
• release stress, and chronic debilitating patterns
• stretch your body mind and soul
• feel good inside and out

Can the therapies be used separately?
Each session is created in response to your needs and desires. Yoga and Art NYC offers private yoga, talk therapy and art therapy as well as groups for yoga, art, and meditation, or any combination of these modalities. Together and separately yoga and art therapy create a powerful and supportive approach to growth, change and healing in your life.

How is a yoga therapy group different from a yoga class?
Typically, in yoga classes students make adjustments in order to conform to the teacher and focus on achieving physical poses. In a yoga therapy group, the facilitator addresses the whole person and adjusts the instruction to suit the needs of the individuals.

Where is Yoga and Art Therapy located?
Our studio setting is a unique and important aspect of Yoga and Art NYC, because we are as devoted to creative awareness as we are to body awareness. The 280 Nevins St. Studio is in Gowanus, Brooklyn. The studio has a spacious yoga practice area and has facilities for all sorts of creative arts.

I haven’t done much yoga, do I need to be a yogi?
No yoga experience is necessary. The work is custom tailored to you, and your level of practice.

Do I need to be an artist?
Everyone has creative potential.  Whether or not you consider yourself an artist, your inner artist will teach you about  yourself in the creative process. We can make that easy. Any level of artistic experience is welcome.

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