Meet Karen Gibbons

KGWelcome to my website! I’m happy you found your way here. My name is Karen Gibbons and I would like to share with you the joy and healing that I have found practicing yoga and art. I am both a yoga teacher and a psychotherapist, specializing in creative arts therapy. I combine yoga and art therapy to help you learn to heal yourself.

A word about my education and credentials: I hold a NY State license in Creative Arts Therapy. I am a nationally registered and board certified Art Therapist with the American Art Therapy Association. I have a Master’s of Professional Studies in art therapy from The School of Visual Arts. I am a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher and have accredited professional yoga therapy training from Integrative Yoga Therapy. I have a Master’s of Fine Art in painting from Hunter College.

My Story
My passion for Yoga and Art Therapy grew from my personal practice of self-healing. For many years I had a career as an artist, designer and teacher. Making and showing art sustained me, but it wasn’t until I began to study and apply the principles of yoga and psychology that I was able to heal past wounds and truly grow as a person. In 2002 my yoga practice blossomed and my attitude toward life blossomed as well. As my yoga practice deepened, my study of art therapy began in tandem. The complimentary elements I found in my experiences with yoga and art therapy fascinated me. The profound affects changed my life. Physically I was more fit and felt more energetic. My ability to navigate my life improved in every way. I realized that my practice of yoga and creating art had given me the freedom to express my authentic self. I was so much freer to enjoy life, to speak my mind, and to grow as a person.  I knew that this was something special that I was compelled to share. Now, I am delighted to offer these powerful tools to you. I can guide you toward creating positive change in your own life. You are unique. Together we will create a custom-made way of working that will nurture your whole self. Body, mind and spirit.