About Yoga and Art Therapy

twisted treeYoga and Art Therapy is a unique approach to nurturing the whole self, body, mind and spirit together. Yoga and Art  NYC blends techniques from complementary therapies, creating a plan for your safe and effective healing. Here, physical, emotional or spiritual difficulties are addressed with loving compassion. Your unique concerns are assessed collaboratively to find an approach that best suits your needs and goals. Yoga and art therapy can help you learn to overcome obstacles and meet life’s challenges with clarity and confidence, guiding you to access your inner wisdom.

Traditional therapy techniques often meet with resistance. Yoga and Art NYC has a solution to this problem. Both yoga and art are experience-based rather than intellectually based. Your mind can convince you of many things, but your body and creative intuition know the truth. We find that emotions are stored in the body. By doing yoga, a person can access deep emotions. Then, by creating art, one can find a means of expression on a fundamental level. These experiential tools are protective as well; while the mind can cycle repetitively through trauma, one’s physical and intuitive self only presents what a person is ready to deal with.

Yoga and art therapy treatment is based on addressing your needs and on developing your strengths. The goal is to access your playful intuition, allowing your wise inner self to emerge. We can then explore what well-being means for you. Adults, adolescents and children can address many issues in this way. Anxiety, depression, trauma, family and relationship issues, scoliosis and physical alignment, life/work balance, creativity and performance issues, stress due to medical and health concerns, abuse survivor issues, addictions, life transitions, menopause, and loss and bereavement are all appropriate for treatment with yoga and art therapy.

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